If you own Polkadot (DOT) or its wild cousin Kusama (KSM), you can staking and receive rewards for your work as a nominator.

Nominators are a very important figure in the Polkadot consensus protocol (Nominated proof of Stake (NPoS)), since they are in charge of nominating the validating nodes of…

Si eres propietario de Polkadot ( DOT ) o de su primo salvaje Kusama (KSM) puedes hacer staking y recibir recompensas por tu trabajo como nominador.

Los nominadores son una figura muy importante del protocolo de consenso de Polkadot (Nominated proof of Stake (NPoS)), ya que son los encargados de…

CREA NETWORK — Decentralized Creative Communities

CREA is the platform for the creation of hypermedia apps based on the blockchain that rewards creatives and curators of digital content.

CREA NET implements the consensus protocol known as DPOS

Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) is a consensus algorithm developed to secure a…

Vision Stake

Secure blockchain ecosystems by staking tokens and participate in the next evolution of the internet with VisionStake! visionstake.com

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